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Just a heads up, I’m having some work done on my apartment and the internet won’t be working until it’s done so I won’t be able to answer questions until monday. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How long can you wear tampons because one of my friends said that you can only wear them for one hour and I wear them for longer than that and then she said that I'm probably gonna get toxic shock syndrome.
positive-period positive-period Said:

In general, people can wear a tampon for 8 hours before they become at risk of toxic shock syndrome.
Some people are more prone to TSS and need to be more careful, but that’s pretty rare.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I got quite a bit of spotting around ovulation time, and when that finished, I got my usual discharge but later because of the spotting, so does this mean that my period will be later? Also, welcome back :D
positive-period positive-period Said:

Hey :)
There’s no way for me to really answer this question because it’s one of those “everyone is different” kind of things.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
welcome back :) so this has been on my mind for a long time now. i'm 15 and i started my period a year ago, and it was always pretty regular - lasted 7 days and was normal-heavy. last month i got my period and it was unusually light, like it was there only when i wiped. it lasted 7 days, but then a week later the same thing happened. and now i think it might happen again bc i'm spotting. is that normal? should i go to a doctor?
positive-period positive-period Said:

Well a few random irregular periods are common with young people, but it never hurts to ask a doctor.
I’d say wait and see how this period turns out and if things don’t go back to what you’re used to then its time to make an appointment.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
So I get extremely upset after I masturbate. I don't even use My fingers bc I always feel like that's gross so I use the water pressure from a shower head or sometimes a vibrating facebrush (don't worry no one uses it) bc my parents are against everything sexual but I feel really guilty after I masturbate and I almost always feel like I'm going to cry what can I do? I think I might have been molested when I was really young so could that be it? It's never affected me before really.
positive-period positive-period Said:

Stimulation can be really emotional for some people. Personally, I tend to cry after a big orgasm just because the rush is so intense and I can’t handle everything I’m feeling.
If you don’t think that could be it and you think there’s a possibility you could have had a traumatic experience in the past you need to talk to a counselor or therapist as soon as possible. Talking to a professional will hopefully help you overcome anything you might be suppressing.
Please don’t be afraid to seek help, it’s so important.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Welcome back!! I was curious... What is thrush? I've heard it before but I have no clue what it is.
positive-period positive-period Said:

Thanks :)
Thrush is basically a yeast infection in the mouth and throat.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Heyyy, welcome back, I hope you're feeling better :). So somebody asked this a long time ago I think but idk. So what does it mean if I have a small amount of white substance around my clit. Should I be worried? Do I need to talk to a doctor?
positive-period positive-period Said:


That sounds like it might be smegma, which is pretty common. Its basically just a build up of dead skin and bodily secretions that can dry and cause irritation. If you wash it every day with warm water it should prevent it from building up enough to cause any damage. Take a look at this article: http://www.news-medical.net/health/Smegma-what-is-smegma.aspx

Asker Anonymous Asks:
My "bestfriend" stole 15 dollars from my mother in one month and she wasn't allowed over for like two years and I had her over today and she stole ten dollars from me and I don't have proof but she stole it because money only goes missing when she's around and I don't even know what to do, I work hard from my money and I'm really upset but I can't confront her because I have no proof idk..
positive-period positive-period Said:

Even if you don’t have proof, I think you should sit her down to talk about it, explain that money only goes missing when shes around and given her past its natural for you to suspect her. If she comes clean you can talk about why shes taking money and see if theres anything you can do to help her out that doesn’t involve her stealing. 

If she doesn’t come clean, or if she isn’t willing to change her ways, I would tell her she isn’t welcome in your home anymore.

Sorry if thats not a good answer, I’m not great with friend situations. Personally if I knew someone was stealing from my family or I, I just wouldn’t ever let them near my stuff again and I’d probably distance the friendship.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
first of all, welcome back darling. Secondly, yesterday I may not have lost my virginity to my best friend. We are both bi girls, and we're both 17 so that's okay, but it was her first time too and we agreed it would be a totally one time only thing to test the waters and all that with someone we could trust, but I really like her, I have for ages and I know she doesn't like me and she's way out of my league and we're such good friends I don't wanna lose that but I'm freaking out. Help please?
positive-period positive-period Said:

Situations like that are always really tricky. I think you should tell her exactly how you’re feeling and see if she’s open to exploring it some more. Obviously she finds you attractive and you get a long well.
It might be awkward for a while afterwards if things don’t go the way you’d like them too, but it’s better to get it all out there than to hold it inside and always wonder. Good friends can always bounce back no matter how awkward it gets.
I had a similarish situation last year when I had (still have…) a huge crush on my roommate even though we were both dating other people at the time. She’s strait, so obviously nothing came of it, but she was really understanding. We’re still great friends.
So yea… My advice is to just put it all out there and see how it goes. Good luck :)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hi there, I was just wondering - I hope you haven't covered this is FAQs but if so I didn't see it. I've been using menstrual cups now, well I started to last period. And all is well except when I have to pee, no matter what the cup always seems to move or leak afterwards. And especially going to festivals and such, the toilets are really dirty and unsanatory so.... Any tips? Thanks.
positive-period positive-period Said:

After you pee you should recheck your seal and reposition the cup a little because it could be shifting when you sit down. Usually when a cup leaks it’s actually just remnants of blood left outside the cup from before you inserted it.
If you’ve checked the seal (by turning the cup slightly and then running a finger around it to make sure it’s open) and everything’s in place but you’re still experiencing a lot of leaks, you might not have the right size or shape of cup for your body.
You might want to get some travel size wet wipes to keep in your pocket in case you don’t get a chance to wash your hands before readjusting.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
First of all, WELCOME BAACK!! Yay *hugs* Second, im still new to periods and such ( im 14 *sigh* and started the end of last school year, 8th ) when do girls start to have cramps. I wanna be "ready" to have the stuff i need so if i do get them i wont be, i guess, suffering is the word to use. Help!! I
positive-period positive-period Said:

Thank you :)

Cramps vary from person to person, so theres no way for me to really tell you when they might start. Personally, I started cramping right away, but I know some people who didn’t get cramps for the first few years and some people who never get cramps at all. 

Make sure you’re staying hydrated, especially around the time of your period, dehydration is a big cause of pain. Avoid foods high in sugar and salt because they can dehydrate you. If you do all that and still start getting bad cramps, take a look at this FAQ page: http://positive-period.tumblr.com/periodsandpms .

Its been a long time since I felt motivated to answer any of you. The ask box is full of questions, but its also full of hateful messages. I’ve decided I’m going to delete all the messages that were sent to me over the summer and start fresh. I know that’s unfair to those of you who asked real questions, but there are just too many insults for me to sift through. I’ve also decided that I’m only answering up to 5 questions a day. I don’t have time to sit on tumblr for hours at a time like I did last year. 

I’m sorry to anyone who needed my help over the past few months that I ignored. I’ve just been so busy. Balancing college, work, family, and my own health took priority for me. 

I hope anyone I offended with my absence can forgive me and I hope anyone who was sending me rude messages has found a better way to spend their time. 

So lets start fresh!

Don’t forget to check out my FAQ pages before asking a question :)

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